bree kessler is an alaska and hawaii based freelance writer, part time ethnographer, and self-proclaimed public intellectual.  IMG_3713she has been curating art exhibits since 1988 when she organized a show of new kids on the block paraphernalia in her parent’s basement.  she was born and raised in detroit. in addition to her career as a writer, she holds master’s degrees in social work, public health, natural resource management, and psychology. bree is a phd candidate in environmental psychology from the graduate center of the city university of new york.  she teaches courses both domestically and internationally in geography, urban design, civic engagement, psychology, public health, and women’s studies as well as holds a certificate in online instructional design.  her research interests are in creative placemaking, diy urbanism, art as social practice, and new technologies for education. her writing on topics such as community gardening, reproductive health, bluegrass music, and reality tv has appeared in several regional and national publications. she is the author of the travel guidebook moon big island of hawaii, has contributed to several books on the topic of women’s health, and is a fellow with the institute of the north. bree can be reached at wintercitydesign AT

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